Mystery Style Bag

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Mystery Style Bag

What's a mystery bag? 

- A bag full of cute items and value will exceed the amount you pay for the bag. 
- Many items have never been on the site and are only for the bag. 
- We received an amazing deal on these from our vendors and are passing the savings on to you

-Every grab bag is different, so order as many as you like.

-They are always instock items so they will ship out quickly. 

How many items: 3 tops, dresses,rompers, leggings, or accessories  

Grab Bags may contain items from a mix of seasons, and/or exclusive items that are not available on the site for sale. There is no guarantee that you won’t get an item you already have. 

If you love MMB Style you're pretty likely to enjoy whats in these bags.

Bags are FINAL SALE. Meaning no exchanges or returns. If you don't like an item pass along the savings to someone else. 

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