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Jack Rogers Women's Hampton's Flat Leather Sandle - Platinum

$ 75

You deserve something nice, right? Why not a pair of these comfortable Jack Rogers sandals? These sandals feature a solid platform that will cushion your foot as you move and a solid construction that will make sure they will last not only this summer, but the summers to come. If you are the beach type, they are perfect to let your toes feel just a bit of the sand and the fashionable colors certainly make them stand out in a crowd. Jack Rogers definitely knows what they are doing when it comes to footwear, and with such a versatile sandal such as this, you know they are going to do it right. Summertime is probably the best part of the year. Summer concerts, pool trips, beach visits, and trips out to the lake are just calling your name. You need to have a pair of shoes that is going to be good at it all. Jack Rogers has definitely done that with these sandals here. This style features that classic summer flavor, along with an open air design that lets you wear them almost anywhere. The beach and poolside crowd will find that they let the feet take center stage and definitely make a statement, whether you are just catching some rays or if you are planning to take them off for a dive in the pool. Jack Rogers has captured everything that you love and know about summer in these sandals.

*shoes will bot be shipped in box

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